Budgerigar Hard Enamel Pin

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Budgerigar Hard Enamel Pin

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The Budgerigar is one of the most popular pets in the world. In fact it is believed that Budgies are the 3rd most popular pet just behind the dog and cat. Budgies are native to the dry grassy areas of mainland Australia. These nomadic parrots form flocks of around 3-100, however in favorable conditions such as high rainfall these numbers can boom into the thousands! Budgies come in a huge array of colours due to selective breeding in captivity over many hundreds of years. The true colour of the budgie is green with a yellow head and distinct black markings on the nape and over the wings. Females and males can be told apart by the colour of their cere (nose) when the reach maturity at around 8 months old. Young budgies all have pink-ish Ceres, but as they reach maturity males will have blue or purple ceres while females will have ceres pink or tan in colour. However, for male budgies that are yellow (lutino), white (albino) or pied, their ceres will stay pink for their whole life.

Fun Fact: Budgies have a high respiration rate of up to 85 breaths a minute and a super fast heart rate of around 300 beat per minute.

The Feathered Friends collection is a tribute to the birds in our lives, past and present. Our birds are not just pets, but loved members of our family. Check out the full collection here.

Note: This listing is for ONE pin. Please choose one of the four colour variations from the drop down.


  • Black nickel plated.
  • Hard enamel fill.
  • Measures 36mm in length.
  • Features 2 pin studs on the back for extra security and to prevent rotating during wear. Comes with two rubber clutches
  • Each pin is hand wrapped in tissue paper. Makes gifting easy!
  • Comes mounted on a backing card.
  • Due to photo lighting and differences in display screens from various devices, the colours of this item may be slightly different than pictured.



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