Green Cheek Conure Sticker

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Green Cheek Conure Sticker

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The Conure, native to South America, is a popular pet due to being quite intelligent, playful and affectionate. Unlike other Conures, the Green-cheeked Conure can be much shyer and quieter. Despite their small stature and calmer temperament, they still pack a lot of personality and make a wonderful feathered companion.

The Feathered Friends collection is a tribute to the birds in our lives, past and present. Our birds are not just pets, but loved members of our family. Check out the full collection here.

Note: This listing is for ONE sticker. Please choose your preferred option from the drop down.

Available in 5 different color mutations.

  • Green-Cheeked
  • Pineapple Green-Cheeked
  • Turquoise Green-Cheeked
  • Turquoise Pineapple Green-Cheeked
  • Yellow-Sided


    • Printed on white matte Vinyl.
    • High quality pigment inks.
    • Measures approx 60mm x 55mm
    • Water Resistant.
    • UV protective Coating.
    • For indoor and outdoor use.
    • Great adhesive, but can also be cleanly removed and re-stuck.



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