Australian Magpie Enamel Pin

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The Australian Magpie is a medium sized black and white songbird with a widespread range Across Australia and Southern New Guinea. These passerines are highly intelligent birds that form strong social bonds with flock members and are strongly territorial in which all flock members help protect their range. They have an iconic 'warbling' song which can be often heard mornings and evenings, but what magpies are famously known for is their swooping behaviour in nesting season where magpies can turn aggressive to both animals and humans in favour of defending their nests.

Fun Fact: Australian magpies aren't actually true magpies. They are not related to the European magpies that are in the Corvid family, but rather they are classed in the Artamidae family closely related to Black butcher birds, Magpie larks and Currawongs.

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