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Cockatiels Hard Enamel Pin
Cockatiels Hard Enamel Pin
Cockatiels Hard Enamel Pin

Cockatiels Hard Enamel Pin

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Cockatiels, also known as weiro birds, or quarrions, are the smallest member of the cockatoo family and are endemic to arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. These guys are widely nomadic as they travel in favor of finding food and water sources. They are often found in pairs although favorable conditions and breeding booms are cause for flocks totaling hundreds.

We really wanted to showcase the difference between the sexes with this design, where you can see the male on the left exhibits a bright yellow head with white on the neck and a darkish grey body where as the female has lighter grey body, a duller yellow head and beautiful yellow banding on her tail. We perched these guys on a paper bark tree ( Melaleuca quinquenervia ).


  • Black nickel plated.
  • Hard enamel fill.
  • Screen Printed detail
  • Measures 53mm on longest side.
  • Metal butterfly clutches.
  • 2 pin studs on the back for extra security and to prevent rotating during wear.
  • Comes mounted on a backing card and and in a protective Cellophane bag.



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