Eclectus Parrot Hard Enamel Pin

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The Eclectus Parrots is a beautiful, intelligent and large parrot, native to Northern Australia, Solomon Islands and surrounding countries. They make wonderful pets due to their gentle and caring nature. 

Being sexually dimorphic, the male and female vary distinctly in appearance. This pin features a male, which are known for their brilliant emerald green plumage, bright beak and orange eyes.

Fun Fact: Male and Female Eclectus parrots were once thought to be separate species as visually they look extremely different.

The Feathered Friends collection is a tribute to the birds in our lives, past and present. Our birds are not just pets, but loved members of our family. Check out the full collection here.

Note: This listing is for ONE pin. Please choose either 'Female' or 'Male' from the drop down.



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