Major Mitchell's Cockatoo Wooden Earrings

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Major Mitchell's, or now more commonly known as Pink Cockatoos perched on gum blossoms. Enjoy this gorgeous miss-matched pair of Cockatoos, one with their crest down and one with their crest up.  

We wanted to do something a little different with our cockatoo earring collection by creating miss-matched pairs that complement each other by exploring the visual differences between male and female cockatoos. Cockatoos, like most parrots, form lifelong bonds with their partners and have strong social connections to other birds within the flock. Cockatoos are usually seen in groups of two or more and through this we came up with the idea for this collection.

These earrings are designed and assembled by us in our home studio. They are printed on and laser cut from 4mm maple veneered MDF. They are super lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. Earrings are printed on one side and have a natural wood finish on the back side.

Due to the wooden nature of the charms, the grain, colour and texture can vary, making each piece unique. The colours may also differ due to lighting and different device displays. 



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