Peregrine Falcon Hard Enamel Pin

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Peregrine Falcon Hard Enamel Pin

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The Peregrine Falcon is truly a marvel! This raptor can reach speeds of up to 300 km/h making it not only the fastest bird in the world but the fastest animal in the animal kingdom.

These Falcons can be found on every continent except for Antarctica and are considered the world's most widespread raptor. The only major ice-free landmass from which it is entirely absent is New Zealand. Peregrines also thrive in urban environments and take advantage of man-made structures such as tall buildings and bridges where they can nest and target their prey.

Did you know? A Peregrine Falcon by the name of 'Frightful' was clocked doing speeds of almost 390 km/h by her handler.



  • Black nickel plated.
  • Hard enamel fill.
  • Measures 52mm in length.
  • Metal butterfly clutches
  • 2 pin studs on the back for extra security and to prevent rotating during wear.
  • Comes mounted on a backing card and and in a protective eco-friendly Cellophane bag.
  • Due to photo lighting and differences in display screens from various devices, the colours of this item may be slightly different than pictured.


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