Sun Conure Hard Enamel Pin

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Sun Conure Hard Enamel Pin

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Native to South America, The Sun Conure, also known as the Sun Parakeet, is a Charismatic, lively and vocal parakeet well known for their brilliant plumage and playful nature. Sun Conures are notoriously loud with their high pitch calls known to travel hundreds of yards. While this helps them communicate in the wild, it gets them in to a bit of trouble in captivity as a lot of parrot owners are un-aware of how loud these birds can be in a home setting.

Fun Fact: The scientific name for the Sun conure is Aratinga solstitialis. 'Aratinga' is a genus of South American Conures and 'solstitialis' is derived from Latin meaning 'of the summer solstice' hence 'Sun Conure'

The Feathered Friends collection is a tribute to the birds in our lives, past and present. Our birds are not just pets, but loved members of our family. Check out the full collection here.



  • Black nickel plated.
  • Hard enamel fill.
  • Measures 36mm in length.
  • Features 2 pin studs on the back for extra security and to prevent rotating during wear. Comes with two rubber clutches
  • Each pin is hand wrapped in tissue paper. Makes gifting easy!
  • Comes mounted on a backing card.
  • Due to photo lighting and differences in display screens from various devices, the colours of this item may be slightly different than pictured.



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