Bluee The Parrotlet Enamel Pin

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After living 6 years of his life in a hoarding situation and watching all his parrotlet cage mates pass away as a result of neglect, Bluee was finally surrendered to Ronie’s rescue. Incredibly weak on arrival, Bluee slowly regained his strengths and showed positive improvement. BirdTricks were inspired by their daughter, Capri’s, strong desire to help Bluee and have taken him on to build his confidence and show him there is a better life then the one he knew.

Bluee’s scruffy look is a result of self-mutilation, and his stuck-out feathers on his right wing are a result of an improperly healed fracture. Capri believes that no matter how many days Bluee has left, they will do whatever they can to make them his best days.

"Everyday is a precious opportunity to embrace positive change."

BirdTricks have made it their mission to help educate people on caring for and training companion parrots and we are so thrilled to be working with them! We have created a range of goodies representing birds of the BirdTricks flock or birds that they have worked with and the best part...? We donate 15% from every collaboration item to Project Parrots to help birds in need ❤ Check out the full collection here.



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