Hyper Finch x BirdTricks Mini Sticker Pack (20 pack)

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This sticker pack features 20 mixed stickers from our Hyper Finch x BirdTricks collaboration. Perfect for planners, scrapbooking, and just about anything else. The stickers are water and UV resistant and are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

BirdTricks have made it their mission to help educate people on caring for and training companion parrots and we are so thrilled to be working with them! We have created a range of goodies representing birds of the BirdTricks flock or birds that they have worked with and the best part...? We donate 15% from every collaboration item to Project Parrots to help birds in need ❤


  • Lefty the Quaker
  • Morgan the Camelot Macaw
  • Bandit the Galah
  • Cressi the Congo African Grey
  • Comet the Camelot Macaw
  • Blueberry the Budgerigar
  • Rocko the Toco Toucan
  • Jinx the Blue-Throated Macaw
  • Tusa the Camelot Macaw
  • Bondi the Galah
  • Lily, Phoebe & Detka the Sun Conure Sisters
  • Touche the Indian Ring-neck
  • ChiChi the Black-Headed Caique
  • Rasta the Alexandrine
  • Storm the Blue-fronted Amazon
  • Hymie the Hyacinth Macaw
  • Bean the Congo African grey
  • Sunny the Blue and Gold Macaw
  • Widget the White-Bellied Caique
  • Sugar the Budgerigar



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